Duplicity is a personal narrative that takes the viewer on a metaphorical journey. In the search for humanity these photographs fulfill the epic quest for hope, grace and self-discovery.

Space Between

The Space Between explores the relationship of our psyche and the subconscious. Can we only perceive acute awareness during conscious moments? Or is the true state of our mind as intuitive when we are oblivious to our perception of reality and receptive to our unconscious thoughts? Passages of light depict the space between dreaming and wakefulness, imagination and reality, illusion and certainty.

Into the Light

This body of photographs examines the connection between the spirit, soul and body. Although we know the body ceases to physically exist after death, what happens to the abstract part of one’s being? Into The Light is the artist’s journey in the exploration and awareness of a higher plane of existence; a completion in the circle of life.


The Transcendence series is an exploration of the human soul and spirit and it\'s departure from the physical body. These photographs examine the relationship between the metaphysical plane and the philosophies of our mortal existence and the hereafter. The images portray the artist\'s personal journey of the spirit illustrated through portals of light.

What Lies Beneath

In \"What Lies Beneath,\" examines the veil of time that we cannot see, but can feel move past us. Like a child playing hide and seek, the past may be hidden, but reveals itself in fleeting moments. We cling to faded memories to retain the relationships that remain strong within our hearts. \"What Lies Beneath\" is on exhibit at fotofoto Gallery this month. See \"Solo Exhibition\" page above \"home\" page for more information.